Stakeholders Information

Maintaining a good cooperative relationship with stakeholders has always been of utmost importance g for the company. In order to respond to suggestions and needs from stakeholders in a timely manner, there are specific communication channels available. Please see a list for the following different contacts.

Stakeholders Information


Brighten Optix values investor relations. We have implemented live phone lines to quicker serve you.


Stakeholders Information


We provide professional services, design, development, and mass production for customers. The company has certified IS9001 and 13485 management systems to ensure that product design and manufacturing processes are up to the highest standards and fully meet customer requirements.

Stakeholders Information


Our company has a strict, but rewarding supplier selection system. Once a cooperative relationship is established, we seek to maintain long-term collaboration to establish a smooth, efficient production and sales process.

Stakeholders Information


The company selects and employs personnel without discrimination. Employees and hires will not be discriminated against because of their race, social class, nationality, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, trade union membership, political affiliation or age. In compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations, we will formulate remuneration policies and structures to attract, motivate, reward and retain outstanding talents. Communication channels are provided so that employees can put forward constructive opinions to the company at any time. In order to protect the rights and interests of employees at work, we will provide a working environment free from sexual harassment and take appropriate preventive, corrective and punitive measures.


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