Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing, Pursuit of Perfection

Automated Manufacturing for Optimal Production Capacity

Brighten Optix utilizes technology with precision engineering and a strict automated manufacturing process. This allows for optimal production to meet the demands for clinical reliability and higher yield.


Intelligent Manufacturing and Efficiency Optimization

Along with our highly skilled on-site technicians, we employ the use of artificial intelligence to successfully create and maintain the most complex lens designs. Ongoing learning through regulation allows us to continually optimize production efficiency.

Intelligent Manufacturing and Optimization of Efficiency.

Precision Manufacturing and Stellar Quality

  • Precision
  • Precision
  • Precision
  • Precision

We recognize that every customer has unique visual requirements, which is why we utilize advanced manufacturing methods to produce custom lenses. Our production process is modernized with the joint use of AI technology and automation to precisely alter various specifications at the greatest efficiency. This is just one the most competitive advantages that Brighten Optix can offer.

Driving the Future of Vision,Our Research and Development Technology Center

Our Research and Development Technology Center at Brighten Optix is the driving force for innovation. We collaborate with academic institutions that span throughout Asia, Europe, and America. We will continue to develop novel contact lens designs to push the boundaries and possibilities for better vision.

※For collaboration opportunities related to patents, designs, and technology transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us.※

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