Board Members

The company believes that an effective board is the foundation of sustainable operations. We maintain corporate governance on the basis of compliance with laws and regulations to ensure the effective operation of the board of directors and to protect the interests of shareholders. The election of the company's directors follows the "Directors and Supervisors Election Method.” The directors consist of seven individuals, including three independent directors and one director with legal experience. Diversified members with different professional backgrounds or work fields can more effectively assume their responsibilities. Their responsibilities include establishing an exemplary governance system by supervising, appointing and guiding the company's management, strengthening management functions, and being responsible for the company's economic, social and environmental aspects. The overall operating conditions will be committed to maximizing the rights and interests of stakeholders. The disclosure of the background information, educational background, other company positions of the board members and the information on the operation of the board of directors and various functional committees have all been published in the company's annual report and due to  response to international concerns and trends in corporate governance and increased corporate social responsibility development in recent years. Directors are encouraged to participate in training and report training certificates to the company. The company discloses relevant records of every directors participation in training and can query relevant information in the company's annual report in the public information observation station.


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